The Mysterious Death of Edgar A. Poe

The Mysterious Death of Edgar A. Poe

Baltimore, 1849. Poet Edgar Allan Poe is dead.

No one knows the cause of his death, until a private investigator, 100 years later discovers a person connected indirectly with the mystery of the dark poet's death. But, just before he publishes his findings, he disappears.

You are in the investigator's office. Will you manage to discover in time what the detective found out about the mystery of Edgar A. Poe's death and why he went missing?

You have 60 minutes before the police arrives to destroy the evidence with their incompetence.





Κατόπιν τηλεφωνικής συνεννόησης, πραγματοποιούνται κρατήσεις και εκτός προγράμματος.

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