1. What are the “escape games”?

“Live escape games” is a new way of having fun and lately has been very popular worldwide. It’s a simple game. A group of 2 to 6 people enters a thematic room and has 60’ to escape, through teamwork.

You have to be quick. Find the clues, keys, codes, levers and items which only work when interact. If you feel like having fun with your family and friends, forget about everyday worries, try “Live escape games”. It’s your most exciting option!

2. How do I play?

Process is simple. Go to Booking and choose the date and time you want to play. Fill in the necessary information to complete the reservation and you will get a confirmation e-mail.

3. Should I be fit?

Our rooms are shaped and formed in a way that everyone can play, even a pregnant lady. None of the rooms has kind of scary tricks, so even people with heart issues can play. This game requires no physical energy. However, it requires a good amount of brain energy.

4. Should I be a genius?

The answer is no! All riddles and puzzles are based on logic. No need to be an expert in math, chemistry, or quantum physics! The only “tools” you’ll need, are your observation and cooperation skills along with imagination.

5. Who is Exodus for?

Everyone! Whether you are a fan of crime stories, or you are in need of adrenaline rush, or you are just looking for an interesting way of having fun… our rooms will meet everyone’s preferences. And you never know… what if you discover “clues” about yourself, so far unknown?

6. What's the age limit?

Anyone above 15 years old can play. No age limit, except kids under 14 years old must have guardian supervision.

7. I am claustrophobic, should I worry?

No worries. The rooms are spacious enough for the whole team and there are no uncomfortable places. In case you wish to exit the room during the game, for any reason, there is a “Panic button” which automatically unlocks the doors, although pushing it, means cancelling the game.

8. Level of difficulty?

In Exodus you’ll face some of the most demanding puzzles in Greece. Except for the difficulty, we categorise each room based on Emotion Tag System.

9. What is the cost?

Price per player is 14 to 18 euro, depending on the number of players. In other words: The more of you, the cheaper the cost!

10. How long does a game last?

Total time is 80 minutes. The game lasts 60 minutes but we need 10 minutes to prepare you, before the game, and 10 more after the game for pictures and for telling us about your experience and impressions! So, be there 10 minutes earlier than the time of your reservation.